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So, Hair it is! I had no idea, 15 years ago, that I would develop such a passion for doing what I am doing now. I mean it all began in my senior year of high school when I merely decided I would attend any type of vocational school so that I would not have to be in school for a full day. That was the "thing" to do, go to school for two to three hours and leave school for "something". I decided my "something" would be hair. 

Well, it turned out to be more than "something". In fact, cosmetology became my passion.  I completed cosmetology school in 2007. I passed my licensing exam with flying colors and I thought I would end "things' there. However, while working as a cosmetologist, I pursued a college education.

In 2013, I earned a double BBA in Business Management Administration and International Business from University of Michigan. I went on to work in the corporate world, assisting in the opening of a salon, then going on to work in executive management and developed skills in operations, marketing, finance, hospitality, sales, team management, and entrepreneurship. 

In 2013, I started my hair extension line and reached over $20,000 in sales in 4 months. Unable to keep up with the demand of my product while giving all my time to the corporate work, I stopped the operation of that business; one of my life regrets, but also a life lesson. 

I went on in pursuit of higher education in 2016 and received my MBA from Kettering University in 2018. In 2016, I also began the research and development process for my hair product line, creating a multi-textured friendly natural hair care line. 

I am a proud owner of LaTresha Rená Salon and Spa with a vision that combines my passion for health, beauty, and my business knowledge and skillset. I am yet pursing higher education as a Ph.D. student, remaining disciplined in business with a desire to impact many and give back what I have been given. 


Outside of work, I serve in ministry at my church within the music department and as the youth president. Overseeing and working with young adults, teens and children. I have devoted my life to Jesus Christ and the best part of life has been his every changing plan for me. Which has included getting married to a wonderful husband that supports my vision, living down south with him, working on a second location, and traveling to Michigan to service my clients and business.


The Team

Who We Are


LaTresha Rená

Founder & CEO

Master stylist, Hair Care & Extension Specialist


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Shiloh Ellington

Cosmetologist/ Assistant to LaTresha

Hello my name is Shiloh and I’m excited about my journey in the beauty industry. I am proud to say I am a licensed cosmetologist. I love doing braids and learning new techniques of the trade.  I’m ever learning and evolving and am a proud member at LaTresha Rená Salon and Spa where I assist LaTresha and am building a growing clientele.



Zaire Riley

Assistant Nail Technician

Hello my name is Zaire, and somehow a hobby of mine turned into something I love so much. I have been perfecting this love of nails for 3 years, and I have loved every minute of it. I am a part time student that’s getting ready to graduate soon. When I’m not doing nails i’m either doing hair or being a praise dance teacher for the young people at my church . I’m very excited to be working here and I can’t wait to build a wonderful clientele and build my pro-folio. Book with me I am ready to create art!


Chianté Richmond

Esthetician/ Threader/ Lash specialist

I'm Chiante I'm a mom of 4, production worker, yoga instructor and of course an Esthetician! Most importantly I love skincare! The healthy glow after a facial is my favorite thing. It's my goal to give each client an experience they can't wait to get back to, whether it be the soothing spa experience of a facial or body wrap, or enhancing the facial features with a set of lashes.

810- 893-1841

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